NumXL Core

Essential exploratory analysis tools for Microsoft Excel.

The NumXL core solution is designed for professional data explorers; those who seek deeper understanding and insights of their data set statistical properties.

With NumXL Core, you can perform a long latitude of descriptive analysis: summary statistics, correlogram, empirical distribution, and examine significance of key statistical characteristics in your data, such as: normality, serial inter-dependence, stationarity, ARCH effect, cointegration, collinearity, and many more.

In addition, NumXL helps you to prepare your data set for further analysis in a multitude of ways: whether you wish a multi-dimensional spline interpolation, transform values, re-sample (synthesizing) new data-points, fix missing values issue, or slice/dice your data-set, etc.

NumXL is a suite of time series Excel add-ins.

NumXL Core transforms your Microsoft® Excel® application into a first-class time series and statistics data exploration tool, offering the kind of statistical accuracy offered by the far more expensive statistical packages. NumXL integrates natively with Excel, adding scores of econometric functions, a rich set of shortcuts, and intuitive user interfaces to guide you through the entire process.

NumXL keeps your data and results connected in Excel, letting you trace your calculations, add new data points or update an existing analysis, easily sharing your result with co-workers - and, yes, even with your boss.

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NumXL is an ideal for professionals (e.g. Consultants) who perform much of their analysis in Excel, create professional reports and share it with colleagues and/or external clients. All analysis is in the Excel file(s), with notes, no programming skills is needed, and examining calculations, assumptions or making changes is instantly.
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NumXL is must-have tool in small-large businesses, where company acquire a site license and avail the add-in to its employees who would use NumXL in every-day ad-hoc (or formal) analysis separately or collectively with their colleagues and/or external users securely using Microsoft Office 365 collaboration platform
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NumXL is a great tool for academics: whether you plan to use NumXL in your research or in a class setting, you can immediately realize its benefits: Leverage Microsoft Excel reporting capabilities (e.g. Graph, tables, etc.), Keep data and analysis linked together in one file, and lastly, by taking advantage of NumXL’s vast library of tutorial videos, case studies and notes online to help users (of different expertise levels) climbing their learning curve
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