Perform a variety of workday and date calculations, using set of holidays and weekend convention.

Workday calculation with NumXL

Example: In the CME contract specification for Dec 2018 Eurodollar futures (symbol: EDZ18),  the contract stops trading on the following day:

  • Two US-business days prior to the 3rd Wednesday of the delivery month.
  • If the date falls on a London bank holiday, then it is moved back to the last business day.

For strategies involve futures contracts, knowing this date is critical, as front month contract are rolled into the next contract on or before this date.

Determining this date for one contract, manually, is relatively simple, but try to do so for a hundreds of contracts over long-dated time series . Fortunately, NumXL supports a wide range of date calculation functions, so you can quickly and systematically determine this date (and other), saving your time for analyzing startegy's performance or coducting ad-hoc scenarios using your data in Excel.


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